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Choosing the right marquee is important, and so is choosing the right flooring for your marquee! Some may think that floorings are not a necessity and that an occasion can go well without them, but that is wrong! It is important that you choose the right flooring for the event, party, or occasion that you will host, as well as the marquee and party tent you chose.

Whether it be a carpet, wood, mats, or other types of flooring, it is important that it is present once a marquee is set up and being used. Considering the most common ground is grass to erect a marquee on, just consider how messy it can become with everyone traipsing in an out all day.

Add to that the unpredictable weather in the UK and you can see how important having some flooring is. If you are worried you do not have the right flooring or nothing is available at all, you do not have to panic as Marquee Hire Hastings offer flooring options for your chosen marquee. 

Creating a Safe Dance Floor

Having a dance floor isn’t just a great way to create a clear space for people to enjoy the music to. It can be crucial in helping keep them all safe too. A lot of grounds that marquees are installed on are naturally uneven. Adding a dance floor to the marquee reduces the risks of your guests injuring themselves whilst letting their hair down. And also means you can relax knowing they are safe.

Choosing the Right Flooring

We provide options to make sure that you get to have the best flooring option you feel goes well with your chosen marquee. Every flooring option we offer is guaranteed to be of high quality, and you can choose if you want a carpet, matting, or even a dance floor! We offer other types of flooring aside from the mentioned ones, but if you have something in mind and would like to recommend something, we are always all ears to listen to your request and we might be able to make that possible! We want to help you make sure that your marquee is properly set up, and it won’t happen without the proper flooring option, so make sure to choose among the ones we offer!


Contact Marquee Hire Hastings for further questions and inquiries! You can get a faster response by contacting us so call us on 01424 237969! We will do our best to answer your calls as fast as we can and if we were not able to answer your call right away, please wait for us to call you back, or please try calling us again! Choose the best marquee for you now and choose among the options for our rentals so setting up your marquee does not have to stress you out! Choose Marquee Hire Hastings!