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To make marquees and party tents look interesting, furniture is a big help to make the set up look fantastic and not boring. If a marquee set up is too plain, then the guests and the people who held the occasion themselves may find the event too boring or uninteresting. If you are interested in hiring a marquee, then you may already have an idea in mind of what you want to put in it, but if not, then Marquee Hire Hastings can provide you with furniture rentals as well!

Wondering what props or furniture we are offering? We have a lot of high-quality furniture that you can use for your event once you have chosen a marquee. Our furniture helps improve the aesthetic value of your marquee and makes your guests feel comfortable. We understand that it is important you choose the right furniture to suit whatever occasion or event you are having, so we are offering you a variety of options you can choose from.

Lighting Affects the Mood

Marquees and party tents are always commonly seen on occasion, events, parties, and etc. Marquees and party tents are often used for shelter where people can gather. They are very helpful especially in times where events are being held and there is a party or occasion that needs to be celebrated. Our furniture and props are unique and they complement well with our offered marquees. You will never have to worry about your furniture and props anymore if you choose us for marquee hire! We have the right furniture and props you need for your chosen marquee, so choose Marquee Hire Hastings for help!

Choosing the Right Lighting

We have tables, chairs, garden furniture, high chair, chair pads, parasols, and etc., that you can use as your furniture. Choosing the right chair, tables, and etc., that you will put in your event is important as they should be pleasing to the eyes to increase its visual appeal. Choosing the wrong color or furniture can already make your guests feel bored and uninterested because the setup may look like it wasn’t well-prepared, so make sure to get the right furniture from the best marquee furniture providers to get the highest quality for your party.

Have Something Unusual in Mind?

We can also discuss other furniture you have in mind that you want to put in your event. All you have to do is contact us and we will be happy to talk to you about it!


Marquee Hire Hastings is the best marquee provider you can contact when it comes to marquee furniture rentals. We have a lot of options you can choose from and we ensure that every piece of furniture is high-quality and will complement well to any chosen marquee. It should go well with the elegance and sophistication of our marquees so you can now feel confident when choosing us for our services! Contact us by calling us on 01424 2037969 for a faster response and to get things discussed as soon as possible!