Pagoda Style Marquee

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Need to hire marquees for a smaller event or parties? The perfect choice is our pagoda marquee that has a Chinese hat style! It is a perfect fit to place for smaller areas such as a small garden.

We will be glad to help you design your chosen marquee so if you are interested, contact us immediately so we can discuss the details of how you want your marquee to look for the final result. We guarantee you that we will help you achieve the best result you can get with us.

Our pagoda marquees vary in different sizes, but like what we said earlier, it is a good fit for smaller areas and a smaller number of guests. Our 3 x 3 m (10 x 10 ft) pagoda marquee can seat twelve people and accommodate approximately twenty people standing. If your number of guests exceeds the approximate number of guests allowed in a 10 x 10 ft size, a 5 x 5m  (20 x 20ft) pagoda marquee can seat twenty-four people or thirty people standing.


Perfect for Smaller Venues

A 10 x 10 ft pagoda marquee can fit twenty people standing and twelve people seating. It is very ideal for a smaller number of guests so it is a popular choice for occasions or events that will be set up in smaller areas. Pagoda marquees are a good choice for any event too. Even if it is ideal for smaller events and occasions, it is still good to use because it has a stylish twist that does not make the marquee look boring.

An Intimate Marquee

Its Chinese hat style makes the marquee looks classy, and it is a good option for intimate gatherings at home or in other smaller areas. It can be used for a lot of reasons such as wedding marquee entrance, small garden party, reception area, and etc. You will surely not regret using our pagoda marquees for any event. Our rentals can also help increase the visual appeal of our marquees such as by adding furniture, lighting, floorings, and linen and tableware.

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If you want to choose our pagoda marquee but any of our sizes aren’t a good fit for the number of guests you have, you can contact us and we can discuss what we can do. If you also want to add lighting, flooring, linen and tableware, and furniture, you can ask us as we also provide rentals for any of the mentioned stuff. 


Should you need further assistance and clarification for any questions or inquiries you may have, you can contact us by calling us on 01424 237969 for a faster response.

Choose the best marquee provider in town, choose Marquee Hire Hastings! We’ll be glad to hear from you. Contact us to know which marquee or party tent is best for you and the number of guests you have, as well as which rentals might be the best for your marquee to get the result you want.