Traditional Marquee

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At Marquee Hire Hastings, we also offer and supply traditional marquees. There is something just…well, traditional about this style marquee. It has a stylish and reliable look which makes it one of the best choices for any events, private or corporate, or parties! 

If you are thinking of inviting a large number of guests, then you just found the right marquee you need. A 9m x 15m pole tent with a dance floor can seat approximately eighty people, and if without a dance floor, it can seat a hundred and twenty guests. A traditional marquee is famous for weddings and parties because of how amazing it is when it comes to accommodating a lot of guests. 

Traditional does not Mean Dated

Even if it is called a traditional marquee, we can assure you that it won’t let you down when it comes to quality and look. Our pole tents are the most traditional form of marquee and they can accommodate a large number of guests! So, if you are planning to have a big event or party, this should be the perfect option for you. If an elegant, sophisticated, classy, and reliable marquee is what you need, you will surely need to go for a traditional marquee!

Dress to Impress

It can be easily styled up to suit any occasion, and with our furniture, lighting, flooring, and linen, and tableware rentals, you will surely be amazed at its final look! These luxury tents look elegant and are perfect for whatever event you want to happen.


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